Intellectual Property Rights Protection Guiding Rules & Principles

ASCURIO is a Law Firm having head office in Mumbai. ASCURIO values the trust and the support that its Client, team and people, in general, have bestowed upon it. And therefore, to protect everyone’s rights and interest ASCURIO has formed an Intellectual Property Rights Protection Guiding Rules & Principle (IPR Protection Guiding Rules & Principle). By following this Intellectual Property Rights Protection Guiding Rules & Principle, YOU can help us protect ASCURIO brand and IP Assets.

ASCURIO Intellectual Property Assets includes its Trademark, Copyright, Design, Logo, Brand-name, Domain name, Apps, Trade-dress, know-how, Trade-secrets, residual knowledge, IP Updates, fonts, name of ASCURIO affiliates, and such other confidentiality information’s etc. ASCURIO reserves its right to take necessary action to protect ASCURIO and Team’s IP rights and thus protect its Client.

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ASCURIO states that nobody, except with expressed written permission can use ASCURIO or its Affiliates Logo or other IP Assets. Nobody must replicate/alter/reverse engineer or modify ASCURIO IP Assets in any manner. Any such unauthorized use shall attract legal actions. ASCURIO requests the user/client/general public to inform us on if any misuse of ASCURIO or its affiliates Intellectual Property is taking place in their knowledge. ASCURIO assures its user/client to take timely action to halt such misuse.

Without any written permission from ASCURIO, ASCURIO urges its users/clients or general public

  • Use ASCURIO IP Assets for their own business name, corporate name, products, services, app, domain name, social media account, and such other business associations.
  • Imply an association, affiliation, endorsement, sponsorship, or approval with or from ASCURIO in any manner.
  • Use ASCURIO IP Asset on any tangible materials, presentation, or on social media, or in any group.
  • Distort, modify, alter, animate or use ASCURIO IP Assets in any manner.

The information provided on the website does not constitute legal advice. For further legal assistance, user are requested to consult us on or via phone or personal meeting. The user shall not hold the Firm responsible for any consequences resulting from their action which is taken in absence of consultation by self-relying upon the material/information available on our website.